Unni Hermansen and Rune Helgeland

"Tango is a social dance, a dance of the people. What would be the point of having lessons with teachers if we all taught the same? That is the charm of tango: with each person you find a different character and style."

- Carlos Gavito

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Picture gallery

During the summer of 2011, Tobbe Malm, www.jernmalm.com, captured the following images of Unni Hermansen and Rune Helgeland.

Various pictures from previous courses, festivals etc.

Below are some pictures taken at prior courses, festivals etc. Hopefully, these pictures will bring back fond memories, and maybe serve as a source of inspiration, for some of you. More pictures will be added later.

Christmas Tango '06

Juletango 2006

Unni Hermansen and Mazen Kiwan '04

Kurs med Unni og Mazen

5 year anniversary Kampen Tango


Unni teaching

Unni underviser

Removal of pictures

If, for any reason whatsoever, you would like one or more of these pictures to be removed from this web page, please send an e-mail to Unni Hermansen and the picture(s) will be removed.