Unni Hermansen and Rune Helgeland

Unni Hermansen and
Rune Helgeland

"I love to create flow, this is why I teach."

- Unni Hermansen

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Argentine Tango in Oslo

Tangopraxis promotes argentine tango in Oslo by organizing milongas and offering tango courses for beginners as well as seasoned dancers. Tangopraxis also offers private lessons, and organizes seminars and festivals.

Upcoming events August 2018: No milonga week 35

Adress: Josefinegate 32/34

The book "tango=life, Tango Grammar - for dancers" is now also available on i-tunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/isbn9788293167242

A book about tango technique and the prosess of learning tango. Manuscript by Unni Hermanzen and wise tango people around the world.

Tango Grammar - For dancers

The book is sold at:Milonga Social Oslo, Tangokompaniet Malmø, Tangotanzen Macht Schön Berlin, Nuevas Milongueras, i Hamburg. And is now sold via i-tunes books  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/isbn9788293167242

If you would like to order the book please send an e:mail to Unni Hermansen. Price to be paid: € 20,- per book plus shipping and handling, Europe: €5, outside Europe: €9.
BIC: DNBANOKKXXX IBAN nr: NO7970321417475.
(Wholesalers discount when buying minimum 10 books.)


  • Beautifully illustrated by: Lill Aarsund
  • Photo: Tobbe Malm
  • Language consultant: Philip Bonczyk

Said about the book:

Mariano D.C.: I student of us had your book. I want to congratulate you with this beautiful piece of art you made. Everything which has a meaning in tango is in it.

Henry D, El Corte: "It is lying on the kitchen table and every now and then I take a look and read a few of your tango filosophies. Very nice. Not pretentious as you often see/read; tango should be like this and not like that. I am happy that you just give suggestions and ideas"

S: "The book enters the core of what tango is about for me.Theory (grammar) and praxis is there in my most happy moments on the dancefloor… ;) … and it is such an easy read, humor, recognition and seriousness, nicely blended. Well done! I want to buy another one to give away to my good tangofriend.... ;)"

Mike, Switzerland: I was sceptical at first. Reading though your book made my heart jump with joy! You are probably onto something with your approach. Absolutely love it."

New course in Tango Grammar upon demand. For more info see Tango Courses.


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